It is a difficult task to convince kids of the importance of hygiene. They find the daily washing and brushing chores to be extremely tedious and pointless. Although it can get really frustrating to maintain a spotlessly clean kid, it is nevertheless important to teach them the value of hygiene. Browse through the following points to get a hang on how to encourage your little ones to develop good grooming habits:

Make cleanliness and hygiene a regular habit

Children are good with routines. As parents, you should help them form healthy hygiene habits that they should observe every single day. Include habits such as teeth brushing, bathing and hair combing a part of their daily lives. Make them wash their hands before having every single meal. Soon, they will fall into the pattern of doing these tasks on a regular basis, and will perform them without failure.

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Set an example for your child

Your child looks up to you for guidance on a daily basis. For the same reason it is important to observe healthy habits yourself. Have a routine and let your kid observe it. Let them see you as you wash your hands before eating or brush your teeth before hitting the sack. Wash your face after the day’s work and let them take note of it. The more they see you taking care of yourself, the more convinced they will be of following them.

Teach them the basics first

Encourage your child to learn the basics of hygiene, starting with washing their hands and brushing their teeth. Make them practice hand washing with soap a few times daily. Make them understand why the act is important. It is always advisable to use soap and water over hand sanitizer as sanitizers do not effectively kill all the germs.
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Make them understand the value of maintaining hygiene habits

Have a chat with your little one about the significance of inculcating the right grooming habits. Kids understand the ideas of certain diseases which is why it is crucial that they are taught about hygiene and healthy early on in their lives.
Child hygiene

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Buy them an interesting grooming tool

Children respond positively to excitement and fun. Add a sense of enjoyment to the mundane task by getting them a colorful toothbrush, soaps in shapes of animals and birds, towels with fairy tale or cartoon characters printed on them, or a toothpaste in their favorite flavor.

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