The ‘Bubble Blue’ Activity Leaders

Mr. Arnav Kumar Shaw

A dedicated sports instructor at a reputed school in the city, Mr. Arnav Kumar Shaw is a B.Com, B.p.Ed and has also acquired a Master’s degree in Physical Education. He has served as a karate instructor for over 10 years, coaching students and helping them achieve their goals and display their profound talents in tournaments at various state, national & international levels. He believes in all around development of a child physically as well as academically. Aiming at all round development of the child, he is continuously motivating the children of Bubble Blue instilling courage and making them health conscious for over 2 years.

Ms Ipshita Dutta

Ms Ipshita Dutta is a certified Yoga instructor. She is trained in Yoga from World Yoga Society. Having an experience in Yoga as well as in Power Yoga for over four years, Ms. Dutta conducts Yoga classes at Bubble Blue School. She helps the children gain improved concentration power, better and sharper memory retention etc. Attaining overall physical and mental health is the Philosophy of her life.

Ms Sumita Saha

A passionate dancer and main driving force behind ‘Geetam’ ,an institution of performing arts affiliated to Prayag(Allhabad) and Bangiyo parisad, Sumita Saha is a disciple of Late Guru Gobindan kutty, Ms. Saswati Sengupta, Ms.Rajlaxmi Venketeshwar and Mr. Prasanta Chatterjee. Ms Saha has been teaching Bharatanatyam for the last 20 years nurturing budding talents. Under the guidance of Ms Sumita, young learners of Bubble Blue are enjoying this art form.

Ms. Mita Majumdar

Trained in various styles of dance form – Indian Classical, Creative, Rabindrik, Folk and Nabonrityo, Ms. Mita Majumdar imparts dance training to the young buds of Bubble Blue. Dance incorporates creativity, physical and mental fitness, expression and many more. Being a firm believer of this ideology, Ms. Majumdar has been polishing the aspiring talents of Bubble Blue.