“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”

The foundation years of a child’s life are extremely crucial as they will learn and retain for the rest of their lives what they are taught during this period. They are easily impressionable which is why right kind of education can have beneficial effects on their development on the whole. These years are critical and formative years, upon which the fate of the family, community and country will depend in the forthcoming years. Selecting a proper pre-school that will take proper care of your child is therefore of utmost importance. Go through the following to find out how exactly early childhood education can benefit a kid:

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Proper pre-school education shapes successful students

Research says that kids who get access to early childhood education programs are more likely to graduate from high school than children who do not. They also fare better in tests of mathematics and literature in comparison to kids who do not attend early childhood schools/day care centers. Successful students are the backbone of the society, due to which we need to carefully choose the pre-school to make their future lives secure.

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It makes dependable adults

We need responsible adults in order to build a strong society. Early childhood education ensures that the right habits and values are inculcated in a child so that they grow up to be an adult with a conscience. It has been found that adults who do not receive early childhood education commit greater number of crimes than adults who do as kids. Employment rates are better and incomes are greater in adults who attend pre-school and day care centers than those who do not. They act more responsibly toward their profession, family, peers and society in general.

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The right early childhood education is important for building better communities

Kids who have access to classrooms early on in their lives learn advanced skills such as problem solving, following directions, importance of hygiene, participation in group activities, skills that help them grow up into intelligent and mature social individuals. These kids lay more stress on values such a sharing, justice and honesty that ultimately become great assets for the society. This kind of education helps them form better relationships and bonds with their family, make and keep friends for life, and participate in socially interactive activities. They also learn to accomplish their goals and have faith in their abilities.
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It contributes in cognitive development

Good pre-school and child care guidance can positively influence a child’s cognitive development. Proper curriculum and right training can make them acquire cognitive skills at the right age.

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It develops language skills

Kids in the age group of one and five years develop language skills very fast. They learn fast from the everyday interactions and repeated conversations that impact their vocabulary and communicative skills. Reading aloud, singing, group discussions play a key role in promoting this growth.

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