Teaching the importance of hygiene to kids can be a daunting task. They just do not like the idea of repeating the cleansing process everyday and neither do they like being told what to do. However, if you can convince them of its significance and thereby put it into routine, your kid will gradually develop a habit of following the rituals on a regular basis. Glance through the following tips to know how you can make your child follow good hygiene habits:

Teach them the concept of germs and bacteria

Kids will not pay heed to your words if you instruct them to wash their hands, clean their teeth and so on. If you can convince them with logic why they need to follow this cleaning regimen, they will definitely listen to you. Teach them the meaning of germs, bacteria and infection and how it can be prevented. You can make a little presentation for them or make them put their hands under a microscope to see bacteria on them. After they understand what bacteria is, tell them how it spreads.

Making routine helps

It will not be useful if you make your child brush their one night before going to bed and forget to repeat the chore until three days later. This irregularity will make your child think that it is not important enough to be followed. Instead make it one of their habits by ensuring they repeat a certain practice after the specific interval without forgetting. For example, if you teach your child to brush their teeth before going to bed, make sure they do it every night without any exception.

Make use of an interactive medium to drive the idea home

Children learn better if they are taught a certain lesson in the form of a story or song. Try taking help of a video to teach your child good hygiene habits. There are numerous videos and books available on the subject. Read to them or watch the video together to discover the importance of washing hands, brushing teeth, shampooing hair. When your child finds their favorite fictitious character is practicing a good habit, it is likely that they too will be interested in doing the same.

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