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Putting your child to a day care is not only an important beginning for them but also for you as a parent. As it is a change from the usual that the child was used to so far, going to a day care can have its share of initial problems. It is important for you, as a parent, to make them feel at ease at this new place so that they can happily stay there while you go about your own work. Here is a list of suggestions you can glance through to find out how to ease your kid into day care:

Let your child ease in slowly

When your child is taken to a day care, give them some time to settle down on their own. Do not push them at all so that there is no development of anxiety. Each child is different. While some can take a few days to feel at home at the days care, other can take a few weeks to settle down.

You can go with your child to the day care on day one and play with them for a couple of hours. On the second day, spend around an hour with your child at the day care, and then gradually decrease the time that you spend there. This way, they will feel comfortable with their parent around, while at the same time get to bond with the teacher and staff at the day care.

Spend quality time with you child in the morning

Make it a point to spend some quality time with your child before you take them to the day care every morning. This will ensure that your child feels secure which will in turn make the transition from home to day care easier. During this time, hug and cuddle them, play with them and try to look totally relaxed.

Get things your child is familiar with

You can make your child feel more comfortable and secure by bringing things from home that they are used to having around. This can ease them by taking the pressure off in the new environment. Their favorite book, a toy or teddy are some of the stuff you can bring along. Consider leaving one of your items with the kid, such as a stole or a handkerchief, so that they can feel your presence.

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