A child grows up to be a well-rounded individual when all their needs, namely physical, mental and emotional, are taken care of. It is usually simple to identify the physical needs such as nutritious food, clothes and a bed to sleep. Requirements for mental wellness may not be easily recognizable, but are equally important, if not more. Sound mental health enables kids to develop social and learning skills, and think rationally. Read the following pointers to know what a child should be given for ensuring good mental health in them:

Enough sleep everyday is necessary

Children play and run about throughout the day that saps their energy. Make sure that they get enough sleep everyday so that they feel re-energized. Sufficient sleep is necessary for growth and development of the body as well as that of the mind. Good sleep promotes better memory, thinking abilities along with increased physical energy.

Regular exercise is important

Encourage your kids to grow a liking for exercising and make it into a habit that would stay forever. Regular exercise does not only boost physical well being but also influences mental development. It stimulates the chemicals which improve mood and helps in the release of stress.

Give them their own space

It is crucial to give kids their own space where they can think on their own and unleash their creativity. A time when they will be alone with themselves is necessary for the development of thinking and rationalizing, which helps build self-esteem and confidence.

Let them hone their creative talents

Encourage your child to perform and practice their creativity. Let them dance, sing, enact or paint – whichever they have an aptitude for. Join them in painting an animal or break into a dance they like. Buy them crayons or a violin to help them get more involved with the art. Creativity gives a vent to their imagination, making them more rational thinkers, imaginative and confident.

Communicate with them and know what is disturbing them

You should make it a point from an early stage in your child’s life to talk to them openly about things that you feel are troubling them. They should feel that no matter what, you are always there for them. Unconditional love of parents is the greatest strength a child can ever feel. Keep the communication channels open so that your child does not bottle up worries inside their minds. Letting it out will help them be better social beings, more open, honest and approachable.

Impart the importance of helpfulness in your child

Make your kid understand how important it is to help others. Foster the habit of volunteering in them, which will eventually help them connect better to the society in general. This will also contribute toward making them more socially acceptable and confident human beings.

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