Children are naturally curious, creative, and experimental. Our curriculum has been created accordingly and is flexible enough to build around their unique and evolving interests. Learning is important, but meaning making in a manner that’s fun is critical to keep them asking for more.

We endeavor to continuously make the curriculum…


A research-backed, experiential methodology that focuses on the child’s own interests rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.


It is important to bring fun into learning as it makes education easy to understand, absorb, and remember because there’s passion from within rather than pressure from outside.

Activity Based

Children are active learners rather than passive receivers of information. All they need is the opportunity to explore through a conducive environment that’s based around projects and activities.


It is critical that while children learn for themselves, they also start to find meaning and purpose through connections to those around them, to the broader community, to nature, and to values like peace and kindness.

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