Our Plans

Discover a range of tailored employer-sponsored child care programs designed to meet the unique needs of your organisation. At Bubble Blue, we offer three main options, ensuring flexibility and excellence in child care services.

On-Site Child Care Centre

Embark on a seamless partnership with Bubble Blue for specialised childcare services. Enjoy the convenience of an exclusive child care facility right within your office premises, accessible exclusively by your dedicated team. We’ve successfully collaborated with partners who covered setup and logistical costs, allowing us to take the lead in operational excellence. In some arrangements, our partners have opted to provide a working space in-premises, allowing us to take charge of the fit-outs and ensure operational excellence.

Flexibility is at the core of our service—whether it’s your space or ours, we adapt to your evolving needs.

Corporate Tie-Up

Simplify your child care initiatives with our Corporate Tie-Up option. Establish a straightforward agreement where your company recommends Bubble Blue to its employees, unlocking additional privileges for your organisation compared to community clients.

Near-Site Child Care Centre

Prioritise your employees with our Near-Site option. With guaranteed priority seats, paid in advance for flexible periods, you have the choice of Bubble Blue setting up a space close to your company offices. Alternatively, your employees can enrol in any of our centres on a priority basis, ensuring their peace of mind while at work.

Your Partner in Success

With a proven track record of delivering exceptional child care services to numerous corporate partners, Bubble Blue is committed to working seamlessly with your unique requirements.

Our Patrons

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