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In the aftermath of he COVID-19, corporations are grappling with the profound impact on their workforce, particularly the challenges faced by working parents. We’ve seen the pandemic disproportionately take a toll on women’s careers, further emphasising the need for corporate initiatives that support work-life balance. Working parents, particularly women, face significant challenges in balancing professional and personal responsibilities. Statistics show that 1/3 women provide full time childcare alongside balancing their work responsibilities (compared to 1/5 men).

Bubble Blue endeavours to be your strategic partner in fostering a workplace culture that prioritises employee well-being and retention. Our corporate daycare solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your organisation’s ethos. By choosing Bubble Blue, you demonstrate a commitment to diversity and employee satisfaction. We collaborate closely with corporations to implement onsite daycare facilities, contributing to a supportive work environment that enhances productivity and fosters a sense of community.

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