Dad Matters

A man who cries is able to express love and emotions freely.
A caring touch when he is under the weather can work wonders.
He needs people around who don’t constantly keep judging him on position and remuneration.

  1. The greatest gift I ever had came from God; I call him Dad!

  2. Just wow… very touching and so really a fact indeed…

  3. Dr.Sangita Bodhak

    Very well write up! Can’t agree more. We need an well balanced society to battle gender discrimination, crime against women and build up a strong future nation. If a child finds his father sharing domestic responsibilities incuding child’s responsibility apart from earning breads, he /she will develop a sense of security along with responsibilites.
    So let’s cheer up for the new age men and of course women behind them!

  4. Baba…a small word makes huge difference silently in our life…may be his gestures are not very expressive still without him our world is incomplete…

    Thanks for reminding this truth on this day…”Baba” we love you…

  5. Flawless writting !!!
    Rich with content !!!
    Good experience for me to visit the blog !!!
    Will love to revisit .

  6. Ajaya Kumar Mohanty

    Flawless writting !!!
    Rich with content !!!
    Nice experience to visit your blog. !!!
    Will love to revisit.

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