Stories and kids

Storytelling is considered as one of the ancient forms of teaching. It is believed that stories answer the questions of creation, weave magic and teach us the most complex concepts in the most simplest of ways. As experts believe stories help to shape us, control us, and create powerful imagery in the minds of children.

Storytelling is considered to be an unique way to inculcate ideas of understanding, respect and appreciation for other living beings, cultures and societies. Remember the fairytales we used to listen to from our parents and that shaped our imagination, the concept of kings and monsters and gave us access to a creative world.

Let us take a quick look at the benefits of storytelling:

Life Lessons:

Read out stories to your kids that has meaningful messages, strong characters and based on humane principles of wisdom, honesty and compassion.

Enhance listening skills:

Attention grabbing is an issue with kids all around the world. Stories improve a child’s attention span and increase their focus on a particular topic. Reading out a story to a child helps them to focus on your gestures, the words you read out and also enhances their imagination.

Socio cultural Perspective

It is believed that stories make us travel. Sitting right here in the cozy comforts of your home read out stories that talk about far away places, different cultures and different people that gives your child an idea about the world around.


You can explain a concept of more and less, higher and shorter or any other comparative observations by using a story. Story telling introduces children to a lot of new vocabulary. It helps them to learn new words and meanings.

Memory Skills

Enhance your child’s memory and you can check how much they have retained once you read out a story to them. This helps in sharpening the memory of a child.


At Bubble Blue we did a very interesting read out aloud storytelling session with our kids. We read out a story to our entire class and it was very interactive. The children loved to participate in this read aloud session.  It is believed that reading aloud is one of the basic stepping stones for literacy development.

Children can listen to a higher language level, so reading a story aloud makes all the  complex ideas more accessible to them. This also helps in a child’s cognitive development.

At Bubble Blue we believe that storytelling can teach our kids a lot about their world and life in general. Children learn wonderful ideas about things they have never even seen before through the amazing world of storytelling. We encourage all our parents to be a part of our read out aloud storytelling sessions and share this unique experience with your child.

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