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Ipsita Ghosh

Hello! My name is Ipsita Ghosh Dastidar and I hold an M.Sc. in Human Development from J.D. Birla Institute in Kolkata, affiliated with Jadavpur University, and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Bubble Blue Montessori House, affiliated with the Indian Montessori Centre (IMC) Kolkata.

Currently, I serve as a Preschool Educator & Coordinator at Bubble Blue Integrated Daycare & Montessori House (2022-2023), following a role as an Assistant Teacher in 2021. Previously, I worked in Human Resources at IFB in 2020-2021 and interned with renowned NGOs, gaining valuable experience from two premium preschools in Kolkata.

My passion for Early Childhood Education is driven by a desire to teach and understand children’s holistic development. I live by the principles of Karma, value introspection in facing challenges, and prioritize honesty and unwavering integrity, believing there should be no compromise. This unique combination of education, diverse professional experience, and strong principles distinguishes me in the field of early childhood education.

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