Mr & Mrs. Pal

We cannot express how thrilled we are with our experience at (Bubble Blue New Town)From the moment we stepped through their doors, it was evident that this school is exceptional. Our 4.8-year-old daughter (Udita Pal) has truly flourished here, and we are immensely grateful for the nurturing and enriching environment provided by the school.

The Montessori method (Bubble Blue New Town School )is nothing short of remarkable. The educators are not just teachers but also guides, fostering independence, curiosity, and a deep love for learning in our children. Their commitment to creating a warm, inviting, and child-centric atmosphere is evident in every aspect of the school.

The classroom environment is beautifully organised, and filled with engaging Montessori materials that have helped our daughter thrive. The mixed-age groups have allowed her to learn from her peers and develop essential social skills.

What truly sets us apart is the exceptional quality of the teaching staff. Teachers are not only highly qualified but also incredibly passionate about what they do. Their dedication to each child’s growth is evident in every interaction.

Communication with the school has been outstanding, with regular updates on our daughter’s progress and opportunities for parental involvement. We feel like true partners in her education. We wholeheartedly recommend this Montessori school to any parent seeking an exceptional educational experience for their child.

Thank you, Bubble Blue New Town for providing such a nurturing, inspiring, and enriching environment for our little one. You have exceeded our expectations in every way. We are truly grateful and look forward to more wonderful years ahead!”


Mr. Ramananda Pal & Mrs. Bidisha Chakraborty, Parents of Udita Pal

Plan : Preschool

Branch : Newtown

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