Preschool: Expectations vs. Reality

The moment I hear the word “Preschool”, a vivid picture of tiny tots waddling into their beautifully adorned classrooms comes flashing in my mind. A Preschool marks the beginning of a child’s journey of learning and experiences. In contrary to parents’ expectations and belief, a preschool adds much more value to a child’s holistic learning experience than mere preparation for higher schools.

The learning process begins with the child moving out of the comfort of his home and exploring into a world of peers and adults apart from his immediate family. This brings in a sense of self confidence in the child which encourages him to further explore the universe around him.  In contrary to most parents’ belief, a preschool that follows the Montessori methodology of teaching serves a much higher purpose of learning where a child through Exercises of Practical Life (EPL activities) is taught to be self dependent. Sensorial activities with the help of sensorial materials like Pink Tower, Brown Stairs, Cylindrical Blocks and many such materials build strong Language and Mathematical concepts in children. Numbers and Letters are not just mechanically taught but the concept of numbers and sounds in language are built in children in a way that remain with them for the rest of their life.

The early years, as they say, are the most critical in child development and a stint of at least 2 years in a Preschool ensures a healthy and holistic development of a child. With the constantly changing reforms in education, parents would need to be conscious of the right choice of education methodology which would contribute positively to the upbringing of their child.

– Utsa Mohana Mukherjee :)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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