Should We Share Our Own Stories To Children?

it is very important that from a young age a child should grow in an environment where she/he feels content and confident. This feeling can only be instilled in them, when we as parents take pride in what we are, where we have come from, what we believe in AND make them part of it. This helps them remain grounded and connects them to their roots.

  1. Very well written…the message is crisp and clear…and another thing I want to reiterate…let’s not pretend to be someone we are not Infront of our children…which many of us do…knowingly… unknowingly…be what you are… otherwise sooner or later they will discover…and might lose the respect for you.

  2. Yes, we should share our stories with children. However, I feel that not only the positive ones, we should also talk about our negative experiences so that they don’t repeat the mistakes.

  3. It’s a good lesson ,great.

  4. Sohag Biswas Chakrabarty

    Thoughts put down very precisely. The article is so relevant and relatable.

  5. It’s very necessary to share your stories with kids to make them aware of the issues prevalent in the society

  6. Bikash Basu Roy chowdhury

    Very very very very good

  7. It was nice going through your writing. Yes children relate to stories very well.
    In previous times bed time stories used to be a sort of nasha to some children. Hearing there parents real life stories would be more encouraging

  8. Devottam's mishti mama

    Absolutely amazing! Would love to read more such thoughtful posts. ❤️

  9. RIMI SAHA (Devottam's Pisimoni)

    Indeed, being a mother of a child, I also agree the concept to share our stories to my child. Yes, we should share our stories not only the good things running in our lives but also the worst things as well so that they can prepare themselves to lead their future and they can ready to face the good as well as the worst things running.
    Hence, in my opinion it is one of the best things in life ever.

  10. Nicely scripted & couldn’t agree more to the thought. Yes we were fortunate enough to have so many great story tellers during our childhood apart from our parents & grandparents, because of our huge joint families. I remember how we used engulf their narrations & forget chewing the food in our mouth. I wish the forthcoming generations too could get it. Nevertheless our experiences from life could be their point of reference. Wish Eiffel (Devottam) a very bright future ahead.

  11. Really inspiring..

  12. Nice read.
    The writing flows from the heart. Most of it is commonplace and relatable and is highly likely to strike a chord with most readers.
    I agree with the basic tenets. However, i’m unsure about the effectiveness of some of the ‘sharing’. I’d love to be proven wrong.

  13. For your children it may be too early. As research says, children from the age of 12years starts growing retaintivity and practical simulization from imaginary to theirs true Life. Keep on, with best wishes.

  14. Its Really Lovely Encouraging and will inspire every one. Waiting for the Next One.

  15. Nicely written! Similar experience shared in one of the recent movies Chichhore where the protagonists are unveiling their failures and successes to one kid not to boost him up to save him from the abysmal depression but to narrate how failure can even be a sweet thing and help us take lessons in our lives. Moreover, its such a divine experience to see your kids wide eyed listening to your stories and aptly asking ‘then? What happened?’’ even after your story ends!!!

  16. After I read this I felt there are so many people whose thoughts and feelings are bottled and your writing definitely could be an inspiration for such people to open up. Very crisp and to the point expression. Keep Inspiring

  17. Khub bhalo

  18. Topic is very important and we don’t have any option to avoid it. Very interestingly, we can relate in our life how we have received it from our parents and how we are delivering to our children. There is a big question on maturity and intelligence of the recepient whether the person is in a level to learn from others experience or from own experiences☺

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