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Averina Sarkar

Hi there- I’m Averina Sarkar, a passionate individual with a background in Marketing, crowned with an MBA. My corporate journey spanned three years until I realized my true calling lay in a space where my love for customer relationship management and creative arts could coexist harmoniously. Enter Bubble Blue, my sanctuary for the past six years.

At Bubble Blue, I’ve seamlessly blended my expertise in marketing with my passion for nurturing relationships, especially with the pint-sized wonders we care for. Armed with my ‘magic wand-camera,’ I capture enchanting moments that unfold in the realm of Bubble Blue, transforming them into captivating short form video content.

My commitment extends beyond the lens, as I strive to provide comfort to parents and foster strong connections with them. In this vibrant world, my primary focus is creating a nurturing and safe environment for our children. I take pride in ensuring they discover joy while parents work with peace of mind.

When not immersed in official duties, I love delving into the minds of our little charges, striking up conversations that reveal the magic of childhood. Join me in crafting a haven at Bubble Blue, where children flourish, and parents thrive.

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